Cord Blood Storage

What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is the blood located in your baby’s umbilical cord. It contains cells called Stem Cells that can grow into organs, tissues and blood vessels. Stem Cells are specialised cells that are used to treat dozens of diseases. Your baby’s cord blood can be collected at birth and stored for future use.

For more information about how can Cord Blood be used for future medical use, we recommend visiting Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood foundation.

How is Cord Blood Collected?

Cord blood is collected right after you’ve delivered your baby. Whether you’ve delivered vaginally or by c-section, the cord is clamped and then cut in the usual way. For those who choose to delay cord clamping, you can still delay but only by a couple of minutes. If left longer the blood in the cord will clot and will be unable to be collected.

A needle is inserted into the umbilical cord and the blood is drained out into a collection bag, the entire process taking less than 10 minutes. Once collected the blood is sent back to the cord blood storage facility where it is tested, processed and cryopreserved for long term storage.

For more information on Cord Blood please speak to Dr Cerqui or Dr Homar.

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